Video Poker - Learn How to Play Video Poker with Rules and Strategy

Video poker is an extremely popular game, both in the land-based casino environment and the online casino. You'll find that the look of the game is basically the same in either of those settings. And if you come to a basic understanding of the game itself, it really is something that is easy to play. Playing the game well is another matter.

Video poker is one of those games where your level of skill will be a principal determinant as to how well you are able to do. Without question, if you have ever played any poker when you were young, or have done so recreationally at home or with friends, you are at least vaguely familiar with how this game works, except that in video poker as it is presented in an online casino, you are not going up against other players, but against the house.

This is essentially how it works: you are hopefully going to take a quick look at the rules of the variation of the game you are about to play, along with the "pay table," which lets you know how much you are going to get paid from the various winning hands you may be fortunate enough to achieve.

Then it becomes a matter of getting started. You will click the button that says "Deal" and get five cards dealt to you. At that point it becomes decision time, as you have to determine what you are going to do. The decision comes down to this - you have to indicate which cards you want to HOLD, not which ones you want to discard. There are button in front of each of those cards, and you press the button in front of each of the cards you want to hold onto. The others will disappear from your hand.

When that is done, you will have option to "DRAW" (i.e., get additional cards to replace those cards you got rid of. When you click that button, the remainder of your hand will get filled out, and immediately the computer program that runs the game will let you know if you won, and will credit your running account. Which combinations pay more than others could depend on what variation of the game you are playing; for example, if you are playing the "Deuces Wild" variation, getting four deuces (2's) will pay very highly.

The more you know about the fundamentals of poker, the better you'll probably do. And if you don't know much, some software developers have an option that lets you puts things on auto-pilot and have mathematically-sound decisions made for you!