Slots - Learn How to Play Slots with Rules and Strategy

Slots are a very popular genre of games for online casino fans, and there is no secret as to why it happens that way: because they are so easy to play.

They are easy to understand, obviously, but that's not to say there aren't some that are more complicated than others. Generally, "classic" slots have three reels and one to three paylines. If there is anything that most closely resembles the old "one-armed bandits" of the past, it is the "classic" online slot game.

There are "video slots" as well, and these generally consist of multiple reels, but there are more symbols on them, and the reels are of the "virtual" nature. There are going to be more paylines on the video slot game, and they are obviously able to accommodate more coins. This is a good way to get more money into action if that is your objective. Having forty paylines on a video slot machine is not unusual at all.

Neither are wild symbols or scatters. The term "wild" is no doubt something you are familiar with, as it is something that can be used, whenever it appears, to complete a winning combination. A "scatter" can literally be scattered anywhere on the screen, and when enough of them appear (usually three), you can be taken right to a bonus round, where you have the chance to win additional money. Games with wilds and scatters (and perhaps even bonus symbols as well) are always something to take a long look at.


Then there are the progressive slots. These games pay off with a huge jackpot when you are able to achieve a certain result. For instance, there may be a certain combination of symbols that has to turn up in order for you to win the jackpot. It is naturally not an easy thing to do, but it pays accordingly.

You'll come across software developers like Microgaming or Playtech, who have a network that runs across all the casinos they do business with, where the progressive jackpot is generated by gathering portions of each bet that is made on a particular game, and across all the casinos on top of that. You will usually be able to keep up with the cumulative jackpot on the websites of the participating casinos.

To compile a bet, you'll need to first select the coin denomination you want to play, whether that is a penny, a nickel or higher. Then it's a matter of how many coins you want to activate on the slot game. And finally, the number of paylines you want to enable is a multiple that helps to determine what your ultimate bet is. By the way, it is recommended that if you want to win the progressive jackpot on a game, at least have the maximum number of coins chosen.

Then it's a matter of clicking the "Spin" button and you are off and running!