Download Vs. No Download Online Casinos

The standard way in which a casino has been delivered is through the download process. Here, you will click a link and the casino software will start to download onto your drive. You won't have to look very far for the "Download" button; they are all over the place on a casino website, because that is in fact the way you will begin to get engaged with the casino. That's where it all starts, at least most of the time.

When you have the download version of a casino, you can register for the bonuses there; you make withdrawals from there, and you can summon customer service from there as well. There is a casino "lobby" in which all the games are laid out in "menu" form. So you will have a directory that sends you to the slot games, the table games, the video poker, the speciality games, etc. Different casinos will lay out their menus in different ways.

Usually, the process of downloading a casino isn't so troublesome at all. It happens fast, and it will indeed give you a vast selection of games.

However, there are people (maybe you're one of them) who do not want to do a download. Who knows - it may have to do with some "phobia" you might have about doing downloads in general, because you're wary about getting a virus from software, even though there may not be any evidence that casino software does that.

Let's face it; downloading a casino also takes up some room on your drive, and if you're like a lot of people you will eventually join with a few casinos, and all of a sudden you're taking up a lot of space. There may also be questions of time and convenience that send you looking for an alternative.

Out of this, the concept of the "no-download casino" was born.

Yes, you can actually play in an online casino without having to download the actual software. That is, you can do it if the casino offers the option. This comes from the software designer, which may or may not have developed a no-download version of their product.

No-download casinos can be played right through the internet browser; you find a game on the website, click the "Instant Play" or "Play Now" icon, and the game appears in a few seconds. These games are either Java-based or Flash-based, and both of these technologies have advanced so much that they can very seamlessly give you the casino experience, in virtually the same way that is affected by using the casino software.

No-download casinos are usually smaller (in some cases much smaller) than their downloadable counterpart, meaning that there are fewer games to play. But there is a trade-off, in that it offers the possibility of saving time and space, and also can allow you to log in from a remote location and play, even if you are not on your own computer. This is an option that is worth checking out.