Deposit Bonuses at Online Casinos

There are hundreds and hundreds of online casinos that could be vying for your business at any given time. And they all have their own ideas as to what incentives are going to pique your interest. How does this philosophy manifest itself?

Well, to some extent, it comes through the concept of a "deposit bonus," which is a reward of sorts that is given to a player for depositing funds into an online casino.

These casinos are sensitive to the marketplace, and so they realize that players seek to receive more value for their money, as they understand that there are a lot of places they can take their business. So the ones who are thinking more progressively bend over backwards to make an offer that is appealing to either draw people into their casino or keep those who are already customers.

Deposit bonuses will take several forms. The one that players encounter first is the "welcome bonus," in which the casino will match the initial deposit to some degree. The most common is the 100% match, in which the same amount of money the player funded the account with is matched in bonus funds. If they open the account with $100, they can play with $200, provided they can meet the wagering requirements (i.e., put enough action into play).

Some casinos get more aggressive about their deposit bonus for new players. They might match - or even exceed - the deposit with bonus funds, offering 200%, 300%, even 400%. Whatever the bonus percentage is, there is a limit as to how much money the value of the bonus can be. For example, you may see a deposit bonus offer of 200% that is good up to $400. All of this varies, according to which casino you're visiting.

Another thing that varies is how long the welcome bonus lasts. You can find some casinos on the Web that offer bonuses on the first three, five, seven, even ten deposits. Obviously this is their way of keeping you around and depositing money, but at the same time, there is an awful lot of value.

There are other kinds of deposit bonuses you can be offered. They can happen on a weekly or monthly basis, as a casino offers a match of your funds for the first deposit during that time, or perhaps on certain days. Again, there are programs that may be even more comprehensive, rewarding all "reloads" for an extended period of time.

Check out the deposit bonus offers at the casinos you visit and make that a part of your decision-making process!